Electrochemical Methods of Analysis

Electrochemical techniques are powerful and versatile analytical techniques that offer high sensitivity, accuracy, and precision as well as large linear dynamic range, with relatively low-cost instrumentation. Voltammetry refers to a class of electroanalytical techniques, and it is used to designate the current-voltage measurement obtained at a given electrode. Coulometry is similar to electrogravimetry. Electrogravimetry is only useful for reduction processes involving the plating of a metal. Coulometry can be used in either a reduction or oxidation mode, increasing its versatility. Conductometry is a measurement of electrolytic conductivity to monitor a progress of chemical reaction. Bulk electrolysis is also known as potentiostatic coulometry or controlled potential coulometry 

  • Conductometry
  • Coulometry
  • Voltammetry
  • Chronovolammetry
  • Chronoconductometry
  • Electrogravimetry
  • Bulk electrolysis

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